Bring Alcohol Into A Concert!


As far as the biggest reason why you want to attend your favorite musician’s concert this weekend is to get entertained, nobody should stop you from doing all those sorts of crazy things that have been impossible during the week. Dress like you want, walk like you want, drink like you want and above all, drink what you want. The latter might be the hardest to execute especially when no alcohol at all is allowed in, or maybe, the whole thing is under sponsorship of a liquor brand that is absolutely not your type. In this case, they will sell you what they like, and that, to me, means a spoiled weekend. But hey, have you ever thought of breaking a rule for once in your life? You will never find a pettier crime to make if sneaking in alcohol in a concert or sports event sounds too big.


If they don’t allow any alcoholic drinks from outside, water is non-alcoholic. Switch your liquor into an empty water-bottle and walk past the security like a saint would. The typical transparent water-bottles will obviously though, limit your options to smuggling colorless liquor. For colored drinks, use opaque bottles, simple. Many people often use this technique to sneak in alcohol while on a cruise ship


On the other hand, if a bottle of specified drink is all they need as gate-charge, it should even be simpler. Sneak in or hide your alcohol in their name. In other words, put your drink in a bottle of the` legal’ brand and cork it like it was straight from the manufacturer. This should be as simple as it sounds. Obviously, no one will open your bottle to prove you are carrying the right thing. Piece of advice; avoid looking suspicious.


In another possible circumstance, you might be needed to overwork your brain a little bit. Check out this idea; come with your other two brainy friends (probably with the same problem as you), let one of them get in first while the other one tries to busy the security. Pass the little bag with the liquor to the friend on the inside when you are sure none of the securities has their attention on you. If it succeeds to that point, then you have nothing else to worry about. But in case you get caught before executing your plans, you will be needed to act smarter and do something you might have never thought of doing before, bribe the securities. This will depend on how much you want to keep your liquor. It’s almost definite they will not turn down your offer. They are bouncers, not policemen, remember?

Some other options include:

· Trying `over the fence’. This should be applicable in an open-field kind of show.

· Paying the securities to get you some while you are inside proves to be among the easiest of methods. You should be careful though, some bouncers are the no-nonsense type. Judge from the looks. Others will take your money and act like you were paying them a past debt. All in all, nothing will go wrong as long as you are brave and smart. I believe you are.

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