Save Some Money When Going On a Cruise

Saving Money On Alcohol Saving money on alcohol when on a cruise

There is a time and moment where everyone desires to sneak in something that is prohibited or not allowed. As it is human nature, people find innovative ways to sneak in their favorite drinks into clubs, casinos, concerts, sports events, churches and many other places. Most of the time, it is thinking outside the box that enables one to succeed in their booze sneaking endeavors. As you plan on going on a cruise, you may wonder the best way on how to sneak alcohol on a cruise. You think of how you can easily get past security and enjoy your booze without spending an arm and a leg on just purchasing alcohol on-board. This article will talk about some simple and effective methods, as well as points to avoid as you sneak in your booze.

What to do

In some cases, you may find a cruise line allowing you to bring only one bottle of wine per head. It is important to capitalize on that. Carefully switch the contents of the wine bottle with your favorite drink. This especially goes well with dark drinks like rum, scotch, whisky and brandy. This is a brilliant because you simply get another cork to seal the bottle and it is good as new. However, as you go through security, your composure and calmness will pass you quicker with no questions asked. It is important to seal the bottle very well to avoid embarrassing situations.

Another way on get beer or alcohol on a cruise is to use your favorite mouthwash. This may sound very risky, but it is a foolproof method that if done correctly, it can be extremely enjoyable. All you need to do is fill your mouthwash bottle to almost full, with your favorite clear alcohol. This method is most effective with clear liquor. The next step is to get some green food color and place about 3 good drops in the liquor. This does not raise any alarms and will discreetly pass as mouthwash. No one will bother with checking your personal effects or toiletries bag. You will go along your cruse while you enjoy your favorite drinks without any trouble or the least bit of suspicion. It is important to note that with this method, you need to choose a liquid food coloring that does not have a bad aftertaste. In addition, you need to ensure responsible drinking. This is the essence of saving money. This may ruin all the hard work you put in order to enjoy your drink while on the cruise. Ensure you take a drink in high alcohol content to have a maximum kick.

What to avoid

It is important to be extra careful with matters concerning sneaking alcohol. This is because once you are caught, the consequences are dire. You could easily be expelled from the ship at your own expense. It is not worth being caught. Therefore, when trying to save money you should avoid methods like putting your alcohol in a clear bag and then setting it amongst your clothes. This results in you destroying your clothes because of the alcohol. Sneaking booze is an adventure and once you succeed, you are bound to enjoy your cruise even more than having to purchase expensive alcohol.

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