Sneaking Booze on a Cruise and Enjoying it!

Sneaking booze and enjoying responsibly.

Sneaking alcohol in forbidden places is something many people do quite frequently. There are places where it is forbidden to bring either your own alcohol or bringing alcohol all together. One such place is a cruise ship. Cruise lines do not allow you to bring your own drinks and this is for obvious reasons such as interfering with their income from sale of alcohol. However, it is common for people to sneak alcohol into ships and this brings the question whats the easiest way to sneak booze on a cruise ship easily. This article will explore various techniques that will enable you to sneak booze on a cruise.

How do you sneak booze?

There are many ways to sneak booze and the method you choose depends on how well you can execute it. There are two main ways to hide your alcohol easily. You can choose to use your body or suitcase. The first body method is the wine rack. This method effectively answers the question how to sneak booze on a cruise. The wine rack is a plastic container fits under a bra. One cannot notice the wine rack because it perfectly blends in with the woman’s breasts, therefore not raising any kind of alarm or suspicion. You can easily pass through the security checks, as no one would think of looking in your bra to see if you have any sneaked alcohol. You are guaranteed to be safe from being caught as well as suspected. This is one of the most brilliant ways of how to sneak booze on a cruise.
The suitcase technique is also effective in its own ways. One way you can sneak booze into a cruise ship is by using the sunscreen flask. This has proven to be safe and very fool proof. How this works is by purchasing an empty sunscreen flask and pouring in your favorite liquor. All you need to do is place the sunscreen flask in your toiletries bag and you are good to go. This helps you know how to sneak booze on a cruise. In most cases, during luggage scanning, security officials will take away anything that seems to look like a bottle of liquor. This is why going for the subtle and unsuspicious ways always get you what you want. No security agent would bother checking if you really have carried sunscreen. It is important to note that the sunscreen flask technique is best for dark liquors and crème based liquors.

Taking precaution

Getting the answer to the question how to sneak booze on a cruise is just as good as your behavior while on board. You would not want to be caught during the cruise when you are completely drunk and not sure exactly what is taking place around you. This beats the purpose of going through all the trouble. It is also important to note that drinking responsibly is important while on the cruise. You would not want to wake up with a terrible headache or miss all the beauty of the cruise. As you find out how to hide your alcohol, remember that you have come to enjoy your cruise and as much as you have sneaked in booze, you also need to enjoy your money’s worth by seeing all the beautiful views of the seas and ports.

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